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  Artstroy Group AD is a Bulgarian joint-stock company with headquarters in Burgas, Bulgaria. With an eye to the future, the company was established in the year 2000 along with construction company "Artstroy 1" EOOD. Despite of the global economic crisis in 2007-2008, the Company preserves the acquired market positions, marks success, expands its activity and is developing not only in construction but also in other niches in the real estate market. The accumulated knowledge and experience of the management team are the basis for the successful development of the company on the Bulgarian market, besides expanding the company's fields of activities, at the same time establishing stable corporate traditions and cultural identity.

  After years of successful growth, the Artstroy 1 EOOD underwent structural changes to improve its management, optimize its corporate structure and meet the growing needs of the market, it was restructured in two main companies - Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD and Artstroy Facility EOOD. Artstroy 1 EOOD changes its name to Artstroy 1 Construction EOOD. Artstroy Group becomes the owner of the capital of the three main unities.
The restructured companies are at different stages of the life cycle of the real estate business sector:
  • purchase of land;
  • creating a project plan for building products/ real estates - apartments, houses, offices /;
  • construction of the site / project - construction;
  • sale of real estate;
  • complete interior design of residential and public spaces;
  • Facility and Property management of the real estate  

Core activities of Artstroy Group AD:
• Expanding its portfolio of investments through acquisition of Bulgarian and foreign companies;

• Evaluation and management of the companies, part of the investment portfolio of “Artstroy Group” AD;


Artstroy Group


  •  2017 June
  •  2017
  •  2000
  • 2000
With many years of experience and insight, the Chairman of the company is:
Deputy Chairman

Members of the Board of Directors


Strategy and vision

The strategy of Artstroy Group for further development is based on investments in companies without restrictions in territory or sector. By providing the necessary for the business part of its investment portfolio: financing; expert evaluation; consulting on various legal, financial and accounting matters; support for development; participation in management and assistance in expanding the network of useful business contacts, the company's goal is to accompany any business part of Group on its way to successful market development.

Strategic approach:

  • Creating and implementing successful business models;
  • Attracting serious management team with proven experience;
  • Establishing corporate traditions and culture;
  • Implementing new software solutions in order to manage the communications inside and outside of the companies;
  • Creating Leaders;
  • Providing financing for the best technical solutions;
  • Creating conditions for full growth and realization of each company, employee and unit;
  • Strengthening market leadership and helping its companies to develop in the different industries they operate.


  The vision of Artstroy Group is through minimizing the risks, expanding its portfolio of investments with companies with high potential for success.
The company guarantees loyal partnership, transparent policies and innovative management practices. A guarantee for this is the pursuit of clear values and stable pillars of success! Artstroy Group strives to impose trends, to be among the first in every sector in which it enters.

  By conducting new trends, innovative business models, building solid structures and strong corporate traditions in every company part of its family, the company aims to expand its investments beyond the Bulgarian market. 
Leadership in every branch is the main purpose and vision of the company. Dynamics, innovations and the unification of the work processes are among the main objectives and form the vision for the future development of Artstroy Group AD.

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