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  "Artstroy Group" is an investment company operating on the Bulgarian market. The company is established in 2000 as a construction company "Artstroy 1" EOOD. Despite of the economic ups and downs, the company has made significant successes in the recent years and has expanded its operations, evolving not only in the construction sector, but also in other fields of the real estate sectors. In order to improve the management, optimize its corporate structure and meet the increasing needs of the market, the company was restructured in three main companies – “Artstroy 1 Investment” EOOD, “Artstroy Facility” EOOD, “Artstroy 1 Construction” EOOD and “Artstroy 1” EOOD was transformed into a joint-stock company, currently recognized under the name "Artstroy Group" AD. The main activities and the capital of “Artstroy Group” AD is focused on development, evaluation, management, sale and investments in companies, operating in different branches of the Bulgarian and Foreign market.


Forecasting, planning and the sales of real estate, built by “Artstroy Construction”, are performed by “Artstroy Investment”. The company also deals with the investment consulting and the processing of all documents related to the deals. 

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“Artstroy Construction” is the construction company of “Artstroy Group”. The company specializes in detailed structural planning, town-planning design and control over the performance of all activities involved in the realization of the construction projects. 

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“Artstroy Facilities” offers the complete management and maintenance of real estate property. The company offers complex solutions.

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“Boutique Interiors” offers the complete interior design of residential and commercial spaces. It engages with the full work process of preparation and realization of interior design – from the preliminary visualization of your idea, to its shaping into a final work project. 

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